Childhood – Now & Then

Childhood – Now & Then

As kids, there was a time, when we were free to take decisions for ourselves – whether it be doing homework or allocating time for study – how and when was our own decision! Parents advised but hardly interfered. We, as kids, had lots of time. We were left to ourselves to decide on the ways of engaging our leisure.

kids in play2We sneaked through neighbourhood to find spots for our activities – be it a field game, board game, closed door OUIJA, Frisbee, book game, whatever, whatever…..we found exclusive spots and allowed no trespassers! We were a bunch of carefree kids! We chose our friends. When something went amiss, we were accountable and we found solutions on our own. I learnt the art of trusting, loving and decision making all by myself.

But now? There are no easy neighbourhoods. P1070347We live in closed concrete crimps. These tall claustrophobic structures have lesser and lesser fair field for play. Leisure spots come at high costs and they are no more sporting spots. More the money, more the amenities! You pay little extra for a sq. ft of space and you get a sq. ft more of common play area. If you pay furthermore, you get common space for indoor games, swimming pool and the list goes so on and so forth.

As an ever prying and ever caring parent, we don’t want our child to fall prey to false proposals, gangster groups, foul plays and what not! We always take the responsibility upon ourselves and decide on who should become our child’s friend! Being overly anxious, we never allow our child to wander around to learn the art of survival. We feel more comfortable by keeping more than just an eye on their activities.

Are we not depriving them of childhood?
Are we not depriving them of the privilege of growing and becoming independent?


3 thoughts on “Childhood – Now & Then

  1. I never played Oija as a kid and I am so happy that I didn’t. I would surely have had tons of more nightmares otherwise. haha 😀 I was a scared cat then, still am to a certain extent!

    I think you are right. Maybe we are taking away the childhood and the childish enthusiasm and playfulness of kids and turning it into something else. I don’t have kids yet but I have relatives who do and sometimes I feel sorry for their kids. parent’s too busy, even stay at home moms are too busy and kids are growing up with their tablets, laptops, mobiles and TVs, sometimes I ask the kids to play outside with me and their parents scold me. lol funny world… I wish kids today got out more and played filed games.

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    1. I am glad you didn’t play that board game. For us it was funny and interesting! It wasn’t scary then but guess we didn’t realize the seriousness of it all then!…Will never want to give a try now!!

      And about kids what you say is so true… everyone is busy in their own world and kids learn from what they see and hear…I’m totally happy to meet someone who loves to play with kids and make kids play outside… Its difficult in today’s scenario…but love u for the same!

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