Khasab-Musandam Day Cruise Fotos

Khasab-Musandam Day Cruise Fotos

Photos clicked during Khasab-Musandam day cruise. A tour worth the value of money. The majestic Hajar mountains form the backdrop. However close you travel, they never seem a threat! The calm sea, sometimes green and sometimes crystal blue… sparkling all through the day with the sun atop shining softly. The juxtaposition of sea and mountain range is breathtaking and couldn’t keep camera off my hand. The sea, the mountain, the sun, the shadow, the light, the dark, the glitter and the very air – all seemed to stage a perfect rhythmic well-rehearsed play to my eyes for the afternoon sun never affected my spirits …. but well, it did exhaust my camera memory!  Every spot seemed insanely perfected for camera clicks and I just wanted to get drowned in the impending serenity clicking my best clicks all through the way!  The sunset was awesome so also the journey! An unforgettable experience!

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