Grand Palace

Grand Palace


Not just a palace… a mammoth complex of buildings, palaces, pavilions, halls, lawns and courtyards!

Though you get a map (and a bottle of water too) as you pay the entry fee,  its too easy to get lost inside!  While exemplary architectural immensity captivated my attention, juxtaposition of asymmetry and symmetry confounded me!….. A conundrum of art & artistry!! Different reigns brought in different structures and with it different themes! The Grand Palace lies on the banks of Chao Phraya River and offers a beautiful sight at night from Chao Phraya River. Take a dinner cruise to enjoy this view! The Grand Palace and the Temple of Dawn combined with the dark stillness of night provides the perfect backdrop for dinner cruise!

The Palace was the official residence of the Kings of Siam from 18th century till 1925. The present king – King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) – resides at Chitralada Palace. The Garden Palace still holds some official events. Unfortunately, we could only see the regular parade of Palace Guards on duty during closing hours.


Buildings or structures couldn’t be captured in one shot in my camera. My otherwise adept camera seemed totally inept for the purpose with no panoramic mode option. Wonder-struck by the architecture and incapacitated by camera features, my clicks of this golden glory are in bits and pieces.

The Phra Maha Monthian Group, The Chakri Group & The Dusit Group
These buildings once housed kings, queens & ministers. Royal assemblies were held here!




Phra Mondop (as we say mandap or mandapam in India?) with giant golden (yaksha… an Indian term again?) demons to guard. Phra Mondop is the repository for Buddhist sacred scriptures inscribed on palm leaves. This mandop is in the Upper Terrace, Grand Palace, Bangkok

Gold Gold everywhere but nothing U can own!



Mythical Guardians around golden stupa, Upper Terrace, Grand Palace, Bangkok

Guardians give a semblance of supporting the structure. Makes me wonder the artist’s thought on sculpting a feet that looks like a hand! Expressive faces! Animals from mythology find more personification and beautification in artist’s imagination! More fascinating is the intense & minute art and glass work with myriad colors in each of these sculptures. Each one is different from the other and ‘m spellbound and awestruck by the artist’s imagination!


Reliquary in the shape of a golden chedi(Buddhist stupa)

P1160307 P1160308P1160309

A miniature Angkor Wat crafted by the order of King Rama IV


Giant yaksha guarding the Temple of Emerald Buddha

P1160234 P1160251



P1160310 P1160313 P1160338

P1160300 P1160293P1160345P1160347

Mural paintings, intricate art work, gilded carvings & glass mosaic in floral designs all add awe to structures

P1160323 P1160315P1160343 P1160328

Subsidiary buildings, Belfy Tower & Har Phra Kandhara Rat at Grand Palace

P1160386 P1160358

The palace guards @ work!


Grand Palace @ Night – view from Chao Phraya River
(a dinner cruise click)

James Bond Boat Ride
Wat Pho (Temple of Reclining Buddha)
Wat Traimit (Temple of Golden Buddha)
Damnoen Saduak Floating market


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