Serenity at the Top

P1130400 P1130393

The ‘suicide point’ at the top!
This slender tipping point 
plunges me into depths of calmness,
a feeling of lightness
infiltrates within and without
fending off every cribbing
vice and voice within and without
far away… far far away!
I stand tall,
my spirits soar high,
cannot fathom the crave within
to devour it all,
the intense desire to linger more
to fill in further the tranquilizing vigor!

The intense desire to linger on and on!! 

 –           the desire paths on way                         scenic meadows on route

Vagamon less traversed, less traded spot

The Suicide point – ‘The point to end life’
Don’t get why it’s titled so!
The capricious human mind attaches feelings and emotions to places and incidents to be carried on to the end and may be even after. Probably the negative emotions end up gaining more space! 

Pictures clicked at Vagamon, Kerala, India

P.S.(added days later):
If any of you had doubted my intentions on being at the top…I believe in living to my last natural breath and every breath of it without excuses! It was our family holiday and a little crazy duo that we are, we have been choosing spots less treaded, less traded and Vagamon happened to be our best decision! 

Vagamon, though a tourist spot, is not as advertised as other spots in Kerala, but a place worth visiting – for a silent stay far away from the cramping concrete chaos with disturbing decibels from all corners! And we were lucky enough to find this top point just for us, us and nature alone, for the whole time we were there! The embracing fogs, never chilling, never blinding; birds chirping and clattering to their heart’s content from far and near; the fresh breath of air everywhere; the vast sky above and impelling peace all around – all of it and more, left us with a memory to last a life time! The 2 plus kilometer strenuous walk to this spot was nothing once we reached the point and the way back was smoother still as the stillness yonder enriched and steered our thoughts, spirit  and walk with vigor!


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