Would you like to linger longer?


Thanks for stopping by! 

My thoughts linger around human mind more than I desire, bedazzled and bewildered by its varying facets! Mrid’hues is a jumbled up collection of my thoughts and images, penned and clicked when time ticked slowly.  

Photography & writing befriend and unfriend me on and off, but remain companions nevertheless! Photography offered me a soothing gliding drift to a world of colors, life, peace, bliss, energy & synergy!…. showed me the passage to a world away from the world of endless eerie demands! Light & shade play a vibrant role in photography and perceptions & perspectives make these photographs appealing or appalling… …… I realize the same goes true for life! 

Please feel free to mail me your thoughts to mridhhues@gmail.com

In here, my thoughts and photographs are organized for a smoother sail through this blog! 

Perceptions & Perspectives 
A Soliloquist’s Monologues

Its all in the game!
உதிரா உணர்வலைகள்

Bangkok, Thailand
Sultanate of Oman


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