The silent sojourner

Silence, the silent sojourner
of solitude recent,
a warm companion by chance not choice
now swarming my sound mind,
harm it means not, but
alarming disturbingly.

Humming desert winds,
rumbling desert dusts,
the pattern perturbs me not!
Relentlessly chirping sparrows,
boisterously chattering mynas,
their dissonance disturbs me not!

The ‘human’ decibels
of frequencies modulating
intolerantly invade my serene sanguinity!
The jarring decibels
of intensity intolerable
impregnate my thoughts with frenzied animosity!

Some things some times grow on us like cobwebs!
Slowly encroaching,
Soon all encompassing!
Silence, the silent sojourner
Silently silencing sojourner!

ten months of solitude
teaching lessons plentitude!


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