The Surging Urge

Curiosity never dies a natural death
It gets killed by the urge
to impress,
to behave,

to be accepted!


I do not want to go back to my childhood
I just want the child in me to be alive all the time
To be curious all the time
To explore with all my might
To indulge without inhibitions
To be delighted for no specific reason
To be excited for all silly reasons
To redo again and again everything I like
To forget everything I didn’t like
Never to ponder past
Never to plan tomorrows

I do not want to go back to my childhood
I just want the child in me to be alive all the time

image clicked @ Athirapally, Thrissur, Kerala



11 thoughts on “The Surging Urge

  1. hey..hmmmm, the child could play with that whip and make the adult smile. but yes, the desire to be accepted at times…
    athirappalli – beautiful place, been there! also, ever seen Mynahs playing in rain? my memories of athirappali involves that – haha

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    1. That sounds interesting – haven’t seen mynah playing in rain – I often see them playing/bathing in the water I keep for them (for drinking though) … Had written once about it – mynah used to attract my attention all through its bathing (does even now) by knocking on the window pane (I guess he/she wants me to change the water once done!)

      And regarding child playing with the whip – well ..gotta consider this – sure! Inhibitions are hard to be unearthed but yes its worth the fight!

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    1. Thanks a lot! Try as I might sometimes the adult in me takes whip in hand and the child goes coiling down to hide deep under with blankets all over!! Hey, but I guess that’s the price to be paid now and then to satisfy the urge “to be accepted”! ….And thanks for that last line too! 🙂

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  2. Hope to!… the python’s grip… acceptance & letting go … I realize the power is more when I dwell on it more… wish I could shake the nothingness off me as doggies shake waters off their body…they do it so beautifully!

    That’s good to know that you were in Athirapalli a short while ago! Yes beautiful landscape and the waters… found it totally beautiful in rains! As for birds… I was not a birder… thanks to a mynah and a couple of sparrows who are now regular visitors at home and your blog… my interest is growing as I watch every movement of them.

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