How I wish nights never existed!

How I wish nights never existed!
The darkness outside doesn’t comfort me

Enveloping eerie silence is silenced by the whizzing fan!
I’ve turned on music on my lenovo A536
Its now playing chosen melodies from Indian light music!
I try to keep my thoughts focused on the lyrics
but find myself focused on the absence of noise, focused on the absence of light…. …..focused or obsessed?

I try to keep my drooping eyelids wide open
just to ensure nothing uncanny disturbs us – me and the lonely night!
I hear sounds popping in between,
a screech of a bed pushed aside,
a heavy thump of something fallen somewhere!
Sounds that assure presence of fellow beings!
I hear a muffled noise,
is that paper rustling?
A door shut somewhere..
Sounds that disturb and comfort!

How I wish the day would last through night!
How I love sleep!
How I love to be cocooned in her comforting embrace!

We love and respect each other – sleep and me!
Why do I distance me from sleep now?
Why do I keep sleep in abeyance now?
Why should darkness discomfort me now?


6 thoughts on “How I wish nights never existed!

  1. …and …so true that in darkness we yearn for light….. sunny nights?!! Except for a combo of darkness+loneliness I think ‘m quite happy with the distribution of light and darkness in this part of the world! 🙂


  2. But why would that ever matter? Is it the number of months or number of posts that counts really? … I thought its the thoughts & words that really matter …. which you certainly seem not in dearth of!


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