Miles to tread, Heights to mount

Wadi Shab, Sultanate of Oman

Tall mountains invited with arms wide open. Palm trees at the entrance, tall yet puny, planted with care here and there added a twist of pride .. a dash of warmth! Mountains adorned richly by natural carvings spoke of the craving stories whispered by winds. Skies above wore shades of blue and stood unblemished, unornated! Waters below wore the color of turquoise, inviting, ever enticing yet intimidating! The journey looked long and luring and I moved ahead.. past the gravel-strewn path at the entryway and further ahead tickled by the tricky play of desert sands beneath!



 Mountains Tall, Waters Fresh

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Tall mountains, deep ravines, pristine stream flowing in between,
the twinkling clear water inviting a deep plunge,
Carved rocky alleys, caved hide outs and the tempting desire paths,
warm sun and the wandering shadows…
endearing bright light and the engulfing darkness…
the vastness, the hugeness, the calmness…
cannot express enough the ecstasy, the euphoria
standing juxtaposed to everything huge, everything unique!

Pics clicked @ Wadi Shab, September 2015


6 thoughts on “Miles to tread, Heights to mount

    1. If possible do visit next time!… This place I felt is calmly poised offering excitement to all ….. yes there is water and been given to understand that it remains so all year thru… high diving… tricky tracks n untiring treks… gazers like me were simply overawed by the sheer enormity of everything around!

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