Hopscotch – How to play?



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Click ‘It’s all in the game”  to know the benefits of Hopscotch!

How to Play

What materials you need?   Chalk piece(or anything that helps you draw lines), a coin/pebble/bottle cap 

Number of Players?    More than 1 (trust me its more fun with more players)

How to play?      Draw the hopscotch grid as a single or plain double grid for beginners & move ahead with mixed grids(single & double) as they progress. (You may check the drawings and links below)

Basic Rules:

There are no hard and fast rules laid down. However, I am sharing the rules which we followed years back:

  • Player’s feet should not touch the lines.
  • Hands should never go down for balance.
  • Player rests on both legs only at home.
  • Player loses turn if:
    • Coin is tossed out of the grid
    • Coin falls on the lines of the grid
    • Coin slips from palm
    • Coin is tossed onto crossed squares
    • If the player lands on a square captured by opponent.
Incidentally, I do not have personal pictures to post in here. You may check the links below for pictorial or video version.

Stage I

  • The player stands behind starting line and tosses the coin to square one.
  • Now, starting from square 1, player hops over from square to square to reach home (on top) and then turns over and hops back. When on square 2, player picks the coin from square 1 and hops back to the starting line.
  • Player throws the coin in square 2, hops as above picking the coin on way back (when on square 3) and reaches the starting line.
  • Repeat the above till the player completes all the squares.

As the players become more adept , the player tossing the coin skips the square with coin, and takes a leap to the next square.  This may not be easy for beginners.

For some the game ends here. But my childhood game continued with following steps:

Stage II

  • The player places the coin on open palm and hops from first square to the last square without touching the lines and balancing the coin on open palm.
  • On reaching the last square, player throws the coin outside grid and hops on it to complete the step.
  • The player then places the coin on the back of palm and repeats the above step.

Stage III

  • The player starts this stage by asking co-players – “Sit” or “Stand”.
  • If the co-players say “Sit”, player sits down with his back facing the grid and tosses the coin onto any square on the grid(without looking). Player loses turn if the coin falls on the lines or beyond the grid. If the co-players say “Stand”, then the player stands with his back facing the grid and tosses the coin onto the grid(by throwing it over his head).
  • The player hops through the squares and picks the coin on way back as in the first stage. But now, the player crosses the square (or writes her name) from which she picked up the coin. This would mean that the player has captured the square and can rest her legs in the square in her subsequent steps. Opponents cannot land on a captured square and they have to leap or jump to reach the next square in their turn.
  • The player who captures all or maximum squares becomes the winner.


For those who would like to read further on how to play the game:

Video on how to play Hopscotch


*Read more: http://www.healthofchildren.com/C/Cognitive-Development.html#ixzz3opXs66Xq)


2 thoughts on “Hopscotch – How to play?

  1. 🙂 ‘m so happy you too have some treasured memories of this game! Though my primary intention was to make kids play this game its certainly worth a try for us too with caution(guess our body gets lesser and lesser flexible as we grow – (smiling) I end up gasping for breath without delay 🙂 every time)!

    Don’t know whether you went through the original post related to this game – benefits of hopscotch – if not do check here https://mridhues.wordpress.com/2016/05/25/its-all-in-the-game/

    ‘How to play’ was just meant to be an addendum to the original post-it’s all in the game – and I forgot to add its link here. Doing it right away – and thanks a lot to you for the same!


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