The ‘dent’ in ‘identity’

I wonder what goes on inside those tiny little heads… they are on move ….all the time  …. no strings attached….. no sedimenting sentiments!….. they don’t belong to one place … whole world belongs to them! …Life is a journey indeed!


When you are born and brought up at one place and your parental origin and attachment is rooted elsewhere, you find yourself at odds at both the places … sooner or later … you just fail to fit in fully… for no fault of yours! Everything seem to go fine and everyone happy to accept and accommodate you ….. but just then you say or do something which invariably provokes the pronouncement ‘awww… …. …. ……….. …….’ and you become the epicentre of discussion …even if it is for a miniscule period of time, it exasperates you! Well, yes… this ‘unalike’…. status sometimes saves your face and lets you go less ridiculed for not really knowing something or doing something…. bringing those unique twists to the corner of your lips (the instantaneous upward and downward twist)! 

At school, at college and at workplace you remain ‘unalike’. After marriage your newly acquired family finds your language and culture unalike … (it’s so even if you marry from your own community) but if it’s someone similar to your background …well…. you are saved of the askance looks but then sure you lose some fun there!

Some make fun and you get mimicked, some admire you, some get irked, some envy you(trust me, it’s true!), some criticize you, some imitate you, some try to correct you! Many a times I have writhed and squirmed when my difference attracted attention … the difference which made me ponder over the ‘dent’ in my identity! When you grow with the ‘dent’ it becomes part and parcel of you and you find your den in the dent! I am what I am and happy for the ‘den-t’. It gives my entity identity… the identity of being me!

Life is a journey and it matters not whether I remain unalike…it’s just fine to think I am me! It doesn’t matter if I don’t belong … it’s just fine to be free and different … to continue the journey!

DSCN3221-b72       DSCN3307-7b
pics clicked on same day… same place… seconds away… directions apart!!

odyssey continued
as the star descended low
and the satellite ascended high
earth continued its odyssey
the odyssey that commenced eons ago
never reposing
never repulsing
never repudiating

DSCN3321   DSCN3233-7

DSCN3231-7             DSCN3309-7

Images clicked at Al Sawadi Beach, Sultanate of Oman on April 22, 2016
Dragon fly clicked at Padinjarangadi, Kerala

8 thoughts on “The ‘dent’ in ‘identity’

    1. Thanks C. for dropping in! Happy you loved the metaphor…. you soar supreme and me a fledgling ardently admiring your flight! …..thanks for all the feathers and feeds dropped this way … it did hit! 🙂 Camera is nikon coolpix with all built in modes guess that makes all the magic possible!

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      1. Awww we all soar and stoop low and much we let ourselves. You’re a good writer, M. Fledgling, you are not! It’s a pleasure to know that you like the feathers and feeds, I feel grateful 🙂 thank you!

        Also, my camera is a Nikon cool pix too hehe

        Liked by 1 person

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