The tryst before twilight

as winds whispered tenderly
timidly the waters rushed 
puffed with mirth and froth
as child to mom
pumped agog with pocketed joy


rumbling waters tumbled gigglingly
avidly splashing briny spumes
emblazoning the sanded shores
with fringes of designs many
charmed by winds whims

hued by setting glaze


Seas never failed to allure me – the more so at sunset! It is the immensity, the enormity that initially triggers a sense of pride..a sense of elation – know not why so – in deserts I get a similar feeling mixed with a sense of insignificance followed by nothingness!

Air smells heavy with salt, but I feel light! The waters seem playful all the time ….  receding waters cuddled the salted sands and my heart bubbled in joy  ……. the settling roar, splashing foams, the borderless concreteless open space, hued horizon that never seem too far away …..they all fill my senses with the most sensible ‘abracadabra’ which hushes away all burdening thoughts ….. filling me with nothingness in abundance!  

I wonder why am I so obsessed with sunsets at seas and photographing them! May be because they satisfy all my seven senses most aptly! May be because they numb my common sense more perfectly! May be because they provide the untrappable escape route!



Images clicked @ Kerala, India & Alswadi Beach, Sultanate of Oman

24 thoughts on “The tryst before twilight

        1. That’s so sweet – how simple life and happiness seemed to be then – to indulge so naturally, so fully even if its for a fleeting moment!

          I remember reading in your blog about the blue saree n ocean n your sis and niece – that was a beautiful one with lots of personal touch!

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    1. Serenity… the serenity that comes along with nothingness… have felt it often..but it never stays long.. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your beautiful thoughts! Serenity in pics… I never thought of it …thanks indeed!

      Liked by 1 person

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