The lingering gingering Indian Identity!

Its hard to unlearn habits …….harder still to unbecome Indian! For an average Indian locating a fellow Indian somewhere in the known circle is vital! It makes us feel more comfortable.  I do not know whether Indians have the most expressive eyes or just their apparently bigger corneal and sclerotic chambers fail utterly in hiding emotions churning within – whatever – its quite easy to spot stares and curiosities! 

DSCN2063-2.jpgAnd it’s usually easy to identify a fellow Indian (what are we if cannot do at least that much)! The first thought that pops on seeing an Indian is the predominant north-south tag (I often wonder why the east-west tag is not as hot as north-south tag!) – this is done without much fanfare (skin color, features, language & dressing – the last 2 may sometimes be deceiving if abroad). Next comes the search to place the person in his/her State – not the mental state of course  (that comes much later into picture) but the region or the federated state or province to which he/she belongs!  This may go on till we manage to locate the person with someone or some place relatively or distantly or vaguely known to us! This may not be the case with everyone but…. many would agree! The more the age, the more the curiosity, the more the questions!! No complaints! I love my lingering gingering Indian Identity and definitely I never want to unbecome Indian. I am an Indian by birth and will remain the same!

What I’m troubled about is the human social identity! A strange phenomenon of self obsession is out at large haunting human social behavior – or is it infecting? Socialization for self advocacy, socialization for self recognition … … ‘the self‘ seems literally vying for attention or is it crying? – is human ‘self’ in such a pitiable state?  ‘m really concerned!

Self seems an elf with a magical wand
incidentally mistaken for selfie stick !



(Image is a beautiful wooden statue of a woman hand carved by Kenyan artisans)

15 thoughts on “The lingering gingering Indian Identity!

  1. “Gingering” seems about right as far our species is concerned! There’s a dialogue in Fight Club (the movie) in which the protagonist opines that our generation never got to fight a world war or survive major economic depression. The Great Depression is our lives, apparently hehe.

    The self often rises, in spurts, like mad wildfires but sinks without the intention to soar.

    Another pop culture reference, if you don’t mind. This one is by Douglas Adams. He says the trick to flying is to throw yourself off a high place and do everything you can to miss the ground!

    Wishing you, clarity MH 🙂

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    1. About the self – you said it perfectly!

      The Great Depression is our lives!! 🙂 🙂 Interesting opinion! Shall check out for this movie! Douglas Adam & the knack of flying!! 🙂 🙂 loved the references… thanks for reminding!

      Thanks Christy for dropping in and spending a few minutes here (big smile) and leaving a few feathers to hue this blog further!

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    1. Thanks SR for those kind words…. Thanks indeed for dropping by…your blog is blissful poetry! elf-self-selfie (with broad smile) hope not!! … hope its just a case of mistaken identity…considering the wonders possible by the elf-self!!

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  2. Somehow, post had some premature termination. Even whatsapp posts about ‘proud indian’ are bigger with crafted glories. Loved your personal frank touch. This is true indian identity of modest appraisal.

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    1. Sure.. pointed noted! Thanks for your frank feedback!

      I don’t know whether I am a proud Indian in today’s scenario, but certainly proud of our ancient wisdom and mind power! But, yes definitely… I am happy to be an Indian!


        1. Thanks VG for dropping in again…highly appreciate time spent! Thank u for those words of appreciation! I get it more perfectly now!

          Excuse my typo in the previous comment…just noticed it! You did get it right on ‘premature termination’.. Didn’t know it was obvious – I did curtail shifted thoughts from wandering off further!! Thanks for your feedback!


  3. Very Nice… Great Keep it up.
    “”” I love my lingering gingering Indian Identity and definitely I never want to unbecome Indian. I am an Indian by birth and will remain the same!”””

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