The phantasmagoria of sorts

To call Pooram a festival or ritual may be demeaning –  undoubtedly an adrenaline pumping spectacular display of human vivacity without digital interference! (Pooram is a temple festival held every year in the central and northern parts of Kerala between Jan – May). 

My fascinations for Pooram are for reasons truly simple – instrumental music – Panchavaadyam and Pancharimelam! (five-instrumental and four-instrumental (percussion+wind) performances played rhythmically in full throttle)

artistes stand in rows facing each other
may be for better understanding between notes
may be fanning mutual inspiration
a performance of high volt it is
they need the synergized energy

accelerating beats and blows
powerfully shuts off  
all decibels in proximity
sync in soon with the crescendoing harmony
or feel throttled sooner

those electrifying acoustic vibrations
inject a wave of enigmatic energy into my nerves
the overpowering harmony keeps me hypnotized

all other music are trifling cacophonies
and I revel in the rhythm of encircling euphoria
consuming gallons of amphetamines
impulsively expelled by the orchestrated crescendo

Click here for the magnetic spell this music casts on spectators! 

(Click on the image for larger view)

Pooram is an experience one of its kind – ‘a phantasmagoria of sorts’ – a fascinating, flamboyant experience that always leaves me not just exhilarated but restlessly contemplative….

Elephant pageantry
I love the paraphernalia –
decorated umbrellas, ornated golden head cover, ornamental fan – but
I feel uncomfortable
amidst those towering majestic denizens of residence different
ordered to pose poise, assembled to stand unmindful of
orchestrated decibels that thundered high and 

clamoring cacophonies of crowd inimically excited!

They do look majestic and royal ….but they also unsettle me totally! I highly adore their tolerance level – but I implore – this part needs reworking!

Final fireworks – Grand finale that’s connived to speak for the grandiose of events – a series of fireworks of all kinds to showcase the exemplary culmination of the event. It was just once did I witness this final cataclysmic display of pyrotechnics. It lasted just for a few minutes but the accelerated heartbeat lasted longer!

Earth trembled beneath my feet
as buried balls exploded within
spitting sounds
threatening, deafening, maddening
cells within rushed nervously
clicks went jittery
the show lasted but a few minutes
effects lasted and lingered on!
-a certain death promoting extravaganza it seemed!

The images were clicked during Thalappoli (a miniature version of Pooram) at Kalladathur Temple, Padinjarangadi, Palakkad Dt., Kerala


15 thoughts on “The phantasmagoria of sorts

  1. Great write-up on pooram capturing the magic of it all. It is truly a polychromatic phantasmagoria reflecting the glory of kerala’s temple culture. I stay in Ernakulam, but have seen Pooram only on TV. The throng and bustle of surging humanity and the deafening fireworks are way beyond my tolerance. By the way, are you a Thrissurkkari? Thanks for following my site, and in the process connecting me to your world…best wishes.

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts beautifully here! In Ernakulam too ‘ve seen miniature pooram at Punnakkal temple, Elamakkara! My parental origin roots to Thrissur – guess that speaks for my flamboyant love for pooram! And your blog is full of ‘vidya’ – loving all the information and thought provoking insights!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. they stay calm usually but some run amok during fest may be for reasons known well to mahout …. This triggers in a fear … Thanks so much Sumana for dropping by and sharing thoughts 🙂


    1. Truly it is … I was totally entranced by its grandeur and enormity when I first witnessed it alive – though the level of grandeur may vary from temple to temple! Thanks so much for dropping by and happy that it did entertain you!:-)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Divya for those beautiful words! It does color my hues here further!

      The pleasure was all mine – your writing made me feel so light and pleasant! You write beautifully! I loved that combination too – travel, art & food!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Wonderful! Thanks Jithin – I feel totally happy! Go ahead ‘m looking forward to read your version of pooram – am sure you’ve lots of childhood memories attached to it….I missed it during my childhood – and so ‘m anxiously looking forward to hear from you about all of it! 🙂

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  2. It is high time elephants need to be taken off Pooram. Poor things! Seriously, their tolerance levels need to be lauded because the sheer weight of all that they carry as ornaments that makes them look majestic, and to stand still in all heat, noise, crowd, music! But Pooram is an experience! People should start differently about animals and padakkam!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hope they do! Some natives have a strong emotional attachment to elephants and fireworks but hope the temple management seriously thinks about different other ways of entertaining n celebrating!

      Thanks P&A for dropping in and sharing thoughts!

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