a piece of self that brought peace!

an impasse infiltrated 
through spaces open 
and crevices unmended
follies and foibles kept the door ajar 
a visible nothingness 
crowded my vision
I stayed calm, deeply calm 

I took to clicking pictures when an eerie emptiness was slowly penetrating my disturbed spirits. Conflictingly yet coincidentally, all that I clicked during this period was brightly lit flowers and luscious green leaves – I clicked loads of them! It wasn’t a conscious move – just happened so!  

Saw vibrant colors scattered abundantly, elegantly and thought they turned more beautiful in smaller frames!

From fire to the tiniest grass, to fallen feathers, fallen leaves, barren branch, thorns, insects – I clicked them all slowly.. ……. insatiably! 

The symmetry, gravity, delicacy, creativity – all got me engrossed! Somehow they all seemed to convey something – but never pondered to figure out what! Loved seeing them in small frames!  It somehow helped me make peace within!

Dragonflies amazed me with their power to stay oblivious of things around (looked like some kinda meditation). I got hooked on to them day after day. The regular ones never felt bothered with me hanging around!

I’m no photographer but photography helped me stay calm when nerves could’ve wrecked signals across gray matter! It’s solely an unconscious indulgence mind chose to delve in! I was rescued unscathed…more calmed, more tempered! Our ‘self’ always finds its own way out!

May be one day my love for photography will fade just as it bloomed – unobserved! I may sync in tune with the wholesomeness and see no pleasure in capturing them in small frames! But for now, it continues to satisfy and I make peace within!

I thank all who have dropped in earlier and appreciated photographs here…your words have powered my lens more!


 All the above images were clicked at home using a basic compact digital camera -Panasonic (Lumix series – DMC FS62).  My interest grew and I moved on to Nikon Coolpix with more options but still cherish this old camera for all the peace it helped me locate!


P.S: I am truly overwhelmed by all the support and appreciation. I never thought that my clicks would attract attention! Honestly, it makes me happy! Definitely it was not a pastime – it meant a lot (an immense lot) more to me – it gave me peace, made me calm and contented! My interest has since grown in plentitude and it’s been a few years now! Looking back and ‘connecting the dots’ – it all makes sense to me now!

(June 9, 2016)


32 thoughts on “a piece of self that brought peace!

  1. Thanks Radhika for stopping by and letting me know you! Loved your blog and guess there are streaks of thoughts running in common! Thanks so much for those kind words you left here! 🙂


  2. You seem to have an eye for the unusual in the ordinary things of life. As an example, the burning and smouldering firewood in the brick-and-mortar hearth. Captured in a frame, it is a powerful symbol of several emotions. The other pics are equally riveting in their appeal. Kudos…

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    1. That’s an unusual comment I’ve received and thanks so much! It’s heartening to see that you noticed brick hearth, flames and smouldering firewood – they are kind of very special to me – and your mentioning it here means a lot to me! Thank you!

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  3. Enjoyed reading this article so much Mridula! It’s like a song and the pictures are fantastic!!! You’re absolutely right, creativity does heaps when it comes to calming the nerves…photography for you & art for me:)
    ” Dragonflies with their power to stay oblivious to things around ” …..a lesson to be learnt for sure…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Divya! I’m truly overwhelmed! Its so true that creativity does heaps and art & creativity are deeply connected! …. and dragonflies – I learnt a whole lot of lessons from them! 🙂

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  4. These pics are marvelous and you say this is just time pass? Mind blowing! And no. You shouldn’t let it fade. Most of the people find it hard to find a passion. When you have found one, you should try to keep fueling it. I don’t know you and I am no one to advice. BUt this is something I have observed in plenty 🙂 You have your passion. Don’t let it fade 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Ranjini for stopping by and sharing your sincere thoughts here – highly appreciate your words of concern! I’m sorry if any of the words made it sound like a time pass – its a definite no – It was kind of a total involuntary step which I took without any conscious effort and it made me so much of peace. Its a lot lot more than time pass to me! My interest grew and is still growing! May be you missed the last line about cameras! Sure … fading is certainly not anywhere near my horizon or my universe now! Thanks so much again for all the love! 🙂

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        1. Thanks again Ranjini…delighted to see you back ….happy to see the quote too…….wrote so as thoughts crossed…..what future has in store I am unaware…but presently I enjoy it avidly ..n every bit of it! 🙂 Thanks a lot Ranjini for letting me clarify! 🙂


        1. Though I do find flies, haven’t spotted a dragonfly here! I doubt if I can find a leaf that’s as green here but well there is Salalah!


  5. this is what is popularly known as when one door closes 9 other doors and few more windows open, in your case, the shutters did. Hugs Mridu.

    ps: please continue clicking.. at least a pic a week when you have gotten bored of this passtime in the future 🙂

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    1. That’s a beautiful way to put it… shutters did! Well it’s certainly not a pastime either (if I’ve made it sound it like, may be I should add a few more lines) – it’s a lot lot more than that! The interest is growing and I continue to click!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting each photo & its caption – it means a lot and brings in a load of happiness! Sure I continue to click now and hope to in future too! Thank u! 🙂

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