How to play ‘five stones’

five stones2


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How to play?

Materials required:  5 stones of similar size or 5 small triangular cloth bags filled with sand/rice/saga seeds.

Number of players : Min. 2.       Age – 5 years & above.

Method of play:
As with all traditional games, there are no formal or written rules and the steps and rules differ from place to place. The steps narrated below may serve as a guide to frame your own rules. If you find it difficult to follow the steps, please check the video link below.

There are 8 steps to complete the game and the player who completes all 8 steps in minimal attempts becomes the winner.  If a player misses any of the steps, next player takes the turn. Once all players complete their first turn, second round starts and the players continue their turn from where they left in the first turn. 

To start a turn, the player throws all 5 stones in air and tries to catch as many stones as possible on the back of the same hand.  Stones that are caught(on the back of the hand) are then thrown up again from back of the hand and the player catches as many stones as possible in the palm of the same hand. If no stone is caught, the player loses turn. Player who catches the stones starts his turn.

Step 1

  • Throw all 5 stones on ground.
  • Pick one stone. While tossing in the air pick one stone from ground and catch the tossed stone before it falls to ground (all in the same hand). Now you will have 2 stones in hand.
  • Toss one of the caught stones into air and pick another stone from ground. Now, you will have 3 stones in hand.
  • Repeat the steps till you have all 5 stones in your hand.

Step 2

  • Throw all 5 stones on ground.
  • Pick one stone. While tossing it up in air, pick 2 stones from ground and catch the tossed stone.
  • Toss one of the stones in hand and pick remaining 2 stones from ground.
  • You will have all the 5 stones in your hand at the end of step 2.

Step 3

  • Throw all 5 stones on ground.
  • Pick one stone. While tossing it in air, pick 3 stones from the ground and catch the tossed stone as well.
  • Complete the toss for picking the remaining stone on ground.

Step 4

  • Throw all 5 stones on ground.
  • Pick one stone. While tossing it in air pick all 4 stones on ground and catch the tossed stone as well.

Step 5

  • While throwing one stone in air, place four stones on the ground.
  • Toss one stone up again and catch it while picking all four stones on the ground.

Step 6

  • Throw all 5 stones on ground.
  • Pick 2 stones and while tossing one stone in air, exchange the stone in hand with another one in the ground.(remember to keep aside the stone you exchange)
  • Repeat the step for remaining 3 stones.

Step 7

  • Throw all five stones on ground.
  • Pick two stones and while throwing both stones in air, pick one from ground and catch the two falling stones one in each hand.
  • Repeat for all 3 stones.

Step 8

  • Throw all five stones on the ground.
  • The opponent selects a stone to be tossed in air.
  • Player picks the selected stone without disturbing other stones, throws it in air and picks up remaining stones on the ground in one clean sweep.

I found these videos on how to play Five stones on youtube, click the link for view:
How to play five stones 
How to make your five stones and play

The steps, methods & strategies differ from place to place. Players choose and create their own steps and agree upon the sequence of steps before starting the game. These games can be made as complicated or as simple depending upon the players. Now go ahead and create your own style.

As a parent, its our personal presence more than material presents that play vital role in our kids’ emotional development. Let’s play these games with our kids and involve other kids too. For children, it’s 100% fun and entertainment. These games would no doubt help you lighten your spirits and ease the relationship between you and your child. More than most – therapeutic benefits of the games are not just for kids, it’s for all! So go ahead and harness your skills further for a better performance at home, at work & life.

For further reading on how to play the game you may check the following links on google:


18 thoughts on “How to play ‘five stones’

    1. That’s interesting to know and thanks so much for sharing that info on history 🙂

      We had that 6th rule …guess that one was our added local version(Indian)! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here! 🙂


  1. Nice writing about the game… and thanks for choosing the topic. I have seen this game being played in the alleys of Manama and Muharaq in Bahrain. But most city-bred girls seemed to be unaware of this forgotten past-time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts here…. It’s so true that city-bred kids aren’t aware of this game now…. I tried introducing these old games to few city kids and they did enjoy …… but were getting distracted easily when they are not able to complete steps ….they seem to want things spot on else they get disintetested!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Sumith, thanks so much for the recognition….but you guessed it right….have been keeping myself away from blogger awards and prompts for I feel ‘m not ready for them yet! Hope its okay if I take it later when I feel fine about taking up challenges! Thanks again Sumith for thinking and considering my name!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sumana … kids are busy with screens and feel can’t blame them for it…their options seem less n what they see around is the same ..eyes hooked onto screens of varying sizes!


  2. Your narration takes me back to memories of more than half a century ago, to summer holidays in my maternal village where I used to watch girls play the stone game with a dexterity that was a spectacle by itself. There was another popular game among the girls where a stone was tossed into a grid of squares drawn on the ground. The player was required to hop and grab the stone with the toe and move out of the grid in a diagonal formation while still continuing to hop without losing balance and the stone (you will surely be aware of this game called ‘kili thattu’ in Malayalam). We boys used to play games like football and kabadi. Those were the days….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for those valuable inputs! Happy to hear about your summer holidays and games! …. ‘Kili thattu’ – name is new to me but game sounds similar but more challenging than hopscotch! Thanks for adding this to my knowledge – will try if I can get more details on Kili thattu – ‘m exploring. My experiences with different games are not much and memories are a couple of decades lesser… but certainly those days were far less demanding and more in touch with nature. I included boys in here for young boys between 4-8 (or so) were never teamed in for football, cricket or kabadi – they were considered too small. Thanks for bringing this to notice…will right away make corrections above!

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