It’s all in the game – ‘Five Stones’

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This is second in the series ‘It’s all in the game’ and its all about ‘Five Stones’ – a game which was played widely amidst kids some decades ago when there were no electronic gadgets of interest! This game demanded quick eye-hand coordination and good sense of timing. It was quite a challenge! Many a times I messed it up but it was all fun nevertheless…. I used to watch my friends in awe as they quite deftly stole the show with rapid eye-hand movements.

It wasn’t a monitor or machine memory that decided winning chances and it certainly wasn’t about winning or losing all the time….. it was about giving and taking too(friend loses a chance to give you one) – it was learning and understanding one’s abilities… accepting & entertaining relationships!

Learning one’s own body and learning to manipulate its movements are skills that can be imparted through games. Not every kid is interested in regular sports, yoga or dance but every child loves to play and movement games can be total fun and challenge. When played in groups, they are more fun and entertaining. These movement games need energy in lots and kids have the same in loads! Kids get bored easily and these zero-cost games can keep our kids engaged. 

five stones2.jpg

Five small stones are all that’s required to play this game. When it comes to playing with stones, some of us are quite concerned about kids and their safety. If apprehensive, prepare your own small bags of rice, sand or saga seeds (for model check the video on youtube-How to make your five stones – cloth bags). You can fill in the mini pouch with anything you feel perfect – its your creativity and the game is all yours! To know how to play the game, click on link at the end of this blog.

I have added in the advantages of playing ‘five stones’ for those who would like to know why ‘five stones’ now? I did seek professional help to give a fair picture here. Kindly share in your thoughts on these games to help me pen more!

Why play ‘five stones’ – the benefits

  • Tossing the stones  
    • Gross motor development (involves usage of large muscles of our body to perform a movement – in this game more specifically large muscles of arms)
    • Visual processing skills (locating the stone – air & ground)
    • Eye-hand coordination
    • Improves Concentration
  • Picking stones from ground & seizing the tossed stone in mid air (both tasks at the same time)
    • Fine motor development (involves coordination of small muscles in our hands and fingers to work together for precise movements)
    • Enhances reflexes (reflex is an action that is performed as a response to a stimulus and without conscious thought)
    • Spatial awareness
    • Eye-Hand coordination
    • Focus & Goal orientation
    • Control & Multi-tasking
  • Taking turns & following game rules
    • Improves Socialization
    • Abstract thinking
    • Memory
    • Alertness
    • Discipline
  • Helps the child 
    • improve sitting tolerance
    • learn sequencing
    • in personality development
      • enhances self-confidence
      • learns to win & lose

This game is suitable for kids aged 5 and above. Therapeutic benefits are compiled under the guidance of Mrs.Nirmala Solanky Venkateswaran, Occupational Therapist experienced in the field for over 55 years. She needs no introduction to those who have read the first part of It’s all in the game‘. Her dedication has been an inspiration to me and she is the one who has been a strong supporter in penning my thoughts on old games and activities. 

I found these videos on youtube, click the link for view:
How to play five stones 
How to make your five stones – cloth bags

click to read further   How to play Five  stones?


28 thoughts on “It’s all in the game – ‘Five Stones’

    1. It is fun Divya… I still try and encourage kids play hopscotch and simple games as these ..It’s quite interesting …they learn fast …once they get totally involved they forget about gadgets for some real good time!

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    1. Thanks Ruchi for sparing time to read the content and sharing your thoughts here… you are so right about kids & gadgets…. it pains me when kids get glued to gadgets for hours … technology games are good but they are certainly missing out on movement games – the fun and the learning associated with it and this attempt is to bring back the fun at least amidst a few! Feedback makes the efforts behind totally worthy and thanks a lot Ruchi for the same!

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