the bronzen treats

setting beams
of the simmering fireball
spilled silky tenderness
on subjects all –
I bathed in the
gleaming satiny radiance!

bed may be a thin rim of rusted iron, matters what?  certainly a soothing beamy spa in progress …..or is this catzy heliotherapy?

surging beams
of dawning sun
stretched arms serenely

scattering shimmering lustre most gently
and I basked in the
radiating bronzy glow!

DSCN3204-7That’s the beauty of setting sun. He can blacken you out from behind. To get a silhouette or a soft bronzian glow – all depends on where you place your lens – either way it’s just beautiful! 

“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting” (– Ralph Waldo Emerson) 


25 thoughts on “the bronzen treats

    1. Thanks Divya…really happy to hear those words from you! sunrise and sunset beams seem to give an effect which no artificial lamp can match I guess….a soft radiance swells up the beauty of everything that falls in its direct line!

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