Dreamy matters!

     Clear blue sky and unending horizon beckoned me, pleasantly! There is no towering concrete structures between me and the horizon to obstruct my view far and wide… I could see the the entire city…may be more from the balcony up there above! With spirits soaring high, inhaling fresh friendly air, I gazed down …. at thinly lined crisscross roadways beneath …..far far beneath.. …. I heave a sigh, glad to be long long way away from the thick relentlessly running crowd aground! …. Hold on… what do I see here? … Men walking …. in air – just a few there – but …yes indeed walking! Excited and enthused I step out, heaving a big sigh along a beaming smile ……. with unbound happiness surging within…….I slowly step ahead…. yes … I CaN …..WALK IN THE AIR … I take a few steps ahead carefully …. rush back overwhelmed … spellbound, euphoric, I smile, I laugh and I turn around, eyes wide open….. !!!…..er…ugh…..!! its dark, oh…..but….how?….oh…. I still feel euphoric……ugh…..!!!…. ….!!! It was all a dream! …..psssssttt….sssttt!!!

     Dream, it’s been like a TV screen locked inside my head – a screen that gets switched on and off randomly in sleep to play shows different. It rarely replayed a show once telecast and I’ve been watching shows many since childhood – fascinating, amusing, sometimes frightening shows!  No, it has never bothered to disturb my psyche, I linked it to TV for the bizarre drama it presented!

     Dreams are like those clouds on sky! Clouds that doodled pictures different every time! Sky remained serene and plain….  clouds added the drama!

When I was a kid, I was so intrigued once bearing witness to a spectacular array of metaphysical scenes in my dream that I couldn’t help describing it to a schoolmate who I thought was my friend. I was ridiculed. I was laughed at – by all! I learnt dreams are not to be shared. It’s absurd! Mom was the only silent listener whenever she could spare time for my dream narratives and she always told me to offer prayers before I went to sleep. I thought dreaming was bad and remembering even worse! I learnt to keep the picturesque madness within me! I wasn’t ready to ramp my absurdity, not yet!

my life-size theater where
I walked in air with clouds
climbed cliffs
found barricaded doors I escaped
wandered happily in paradise
felt threatened by creepers
walked sheepishly barely robed

Once in a while, I saw something in my dream which eventually unfolded in reality – it was exciting yet unnerving! Gladly, most of the time, it was just shows different on my TV screen and I kept watching until a few months after college when I decided to dissect a dream to know its source. This happened because a particular show was getting replayed – again and again – that was unusual and I wanted to know why? I wrote it all down!

That was an episode that tipped me off – I realized it was a themed melodramatic depiction of a specific aspect of my life and my plight with symbolic props and characters(after all its a show and its gotta be peppy…yep!). Incidentally, it was a plight I was consciously not giving heed to in physical reality, probably it was boiling within! After dissection, that dream just stopped disturbing me. I knew what to do. It brought me not just solace but success!

It’s not that I dream every day. But when I did, I became curious to break it to know the source. No, certainly not all were possible to be tracked. Its not that I remembered every scene either. Sometimes when I woke up in between with emotions still hanging on me heavily, I tried to skim through those scenes consciously just to store them for later dissection. It worked sometimes. It didn’t sometimes. Sleep gained more importance on bed. When prime characters in the show involved familiar faces, I failed in tracking source – I lacked clarity there! I remained consciously blind to something!

my life-size theater where
self presented to self
its form rudimentary,
desires uncurtained,
emotions uncurtailed,
perceptions unbridled,
to explore, to navigate
vistas unnoticed, uncared within
to know, to be!

Someone did ‘science with dreams‘ and recorded ‘dreams are made of geomagnetic activity‘. Glad I didn’t know about it when I decided to dissect my dream. I might have missed out on the fun, excitement and knowledge!

May be dreams are not totally made of geomagnetic activity, it probably has something to do with what goes on within one’s mind – may be geomagnetic magnificence provoked those bizarre metaphysical streaming and unnerving scenic displays!

the thither vision of my hither story!
is this a metaphoric picturesque matrix
of perspective au naturel?
could this be mind’s theme
directed spectacularly by
geomagnetic magnificence?

But then, what do scientists say for dreams that eventually unfold in reality or dreams that showed past events unknown to you ?  

Photos clicked @ Kochi and Oman


14 thoughts on “Dreamy matters!

  1. My dreams usually consist of my adventures with my favourite cartoon characters. I know it sounds funny for 23 year old but that’s my dream.haha. Dreams are definitely a free movie theatre where you have complete control. These pictures are so amazing. I think I saw a snail in the last image you uploaded formed by clouds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s quite interesting to know Harsh …looks like your dreams are totally engaging and impressively enterprising! Thanks so much …. ‘m glad you liked the pics! Snail..hehehe… I too end up seeing different shapes and characters up there almost all the time! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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