the sculptor and the sculpted

you taught me to lose my ‘self’
to be this, to be that, you told me!
to please you, you and you
to listen, to obey, to follow!
pleasing all pleased all
but never appeased ‘me’!

‘be with the world’ you told me
was bad at learning many a time
never learning enough to lose my ‘self’
dug pits within
to bury deep inside
in bits, in pieces
I pleased you and you and you
I dug pits deeper and deeper and deeper
digging caved in hollows
was bad at learning many a time!

years have gone by
age many has passed by
never dig pits now
‘be with the world’ been much easier now
hollowed enough to let go!
now, but now
you ask me to find my ‘self’
not to be with the world
to be ‘the me’ in the world, you tell me!
‘under control’ pleased all, all the time!
pleasing all never pleased you and you and you now!
holes many have I dug
hollows many have I now
hollow I am, never shallow!

you…. you taught me to lose my ‘self’then!
and now…. you ask me to find my ‘self’… you!
attaworld!…. cheers to you! … cheers to me!


Attaworld! …… cheers to you …… and…… cheers to me …… indeed! ……But……am I not you? ain’t you me? …..

can we not ‘just be, let be’?

in continuation to the thought conceived during chat with a fellow blogger! thanks to SKT! 

‘the sculpted’
terracotta sculpture by Arpan and artist Augustine Varghese, Kochi

10 thoughts on “the sculptor and the sculpted

    1. beautiful and painful is that not how the world is? – something is expected all the time of us and we fall prey to the demands – even if your closest ones understands and lets you be, the world never spares you… gradually, you fall in the vicious cycle! falling prey is easier, standing proud needs power aplenty from within 🙂

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  1. Here,Rhythm tunes a wonderful music. but the truth embedded there smashes all the beautiful music.
    can we not ‘just be, let be’? What a line! Brilliant.
    It’s super happy that some of my works reflected and stimulated such a brilliant writing like this. Keep writing😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This indeed started with your write up ….. but words found the flow only now! Keep writing… I should say this to you…. you steer thoughts! Thanks so much to you SKT for the kind words you left here and the thoughts that you steered here! 🙂


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