There was a time when silence deafened my ears – that was in childhood – I was so seasoned to sounds of city traffic that its absence triggered disillusionment and deafness for a short span. It happened every time I reached my Grandmom’s home for summer vacations. Her home was in the interiors of a village blanketed by tall areca palms, coconuts, scented jack, nutmeg and sumptuous mango trees. It looked as if earthy maiden sprawled herself leisurely and reclined quietly for an unending siesta there! There was nothing but silence, voiceless winds, noiseless rustles, less talkative birds and homes that stood forlornly solitary and far apart ….and then I longed to go back to the city!

We visited Sharqiah sands in Oman recently for night stay there. It’s a desert that’s quite old by age – probably one amidst a very few places on earth much less abused by humankind! The sands looked untainted, free and quiet. There was nothing but serenity and silence everywhere. There was stillness, there was life ….. and I sank in the freedom there!

I realize I love silence more now….sounds and soundlessness of nature make me more comfortable these days!

This is one hike up and down I ventured without me bothering anxiety or anxiety bothering me! I felt safe somehow – desert sands will never desert me – she lies there arms stretched far and wide to hold me in fold if I slip, carefully, as best as a mother could!


It’s probably the sea that sands were once part of that made them free and move rhythmically calm!

I left behind giant footsteps…to be covered soon leaving no trace!

Lives many there are – desert it may be but never undeserted!

silence gathered around
summoned by the desert
I sat there …. amidst the sea of sands
on the ornated mound

inhaling silence
engulfing serenity
game to be carried as wind fancies
sands moved
cuddling and caressing the sands beneath
soaring a wee above 
for a soft sufi spin there
for the joy of freedom
for the joy of life
all to become one with the sands beneath!

To be the desert – to be untaut, to be unbound, to let the winds play tunes, play patterns, to be vast, to be open, to just be!


15 thoughts on “Un’desert’ed!

  1. “Inhaled silence” – I so loved this! I love silence. As you said, it brings a sort of comfort to the soul. There IS sound in nature..so many of them, but they never hurt you like the cacophony of concrete. Rather, it has a melody of its own… 🙂

    In this post, I don’t know which one I liked most, the pictures or the prose… 🙂

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    1. Oh Mani, you made my day! and thanks so much for asking me to check my spam folder(didn’t know about this earlier and so delighted to see different options here – I can add images, links, make words bold or in italics…totally happy!). Sounds of nature are just too beautiful and beyond words… every time I try to express in words, I end up feeling ‘m not saying enough!!

      Your comments have just made me float in air 🙂 🙂 Thanks really much!

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  2. It is so easy to label the nomadic lifestyle, regardless of what country is involved, as miscellaneous and random wanderings of homeless people. Whereas many do take their “home” with them, I must wonder after reading your Post, whether perhaps they actually see the whole country as their home. i.e. in your example, perhaps the whole desert is home to some people and it is simply our culture which dictates a home being a structure with geographical stability? An interesting Post. Thank you. 🙂

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    1. Your words here took me on a thought plane higher…. made me think of people who keep moving, migrating…perhaps its their legal documentation that imparts names different – expatriates, Non-residential ……, overseas citizens, refugees! Some settle down, some keep moving, try and find ‘homes’ wherever they go but their official documentation stays as a reminder of ‘the home’… …this is our fourth country in thirteen years and I ask myself now “are we not nomads carrying ‘the home’ with us?” Thanks so much to you for sharing those words and thoughts!🙂

      Bedouins are said to occupy this desert – near the oasis. We didn’t see them here though…were informed that on paying OMR 45(approx. (US) $115) arrangements shall be done to take us to their home nearby … we didn’t make an attempt considering the cost involved.

      Loved that “home being a structure with geographical stability” …. Identity gets much easier with geographical stability…when there is identity there arises the need for security ….I guess!!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your prints here…. means much to me!!

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