as Sun kissed the sands and called it a day….


sun stood still, innocently still
earth unfolded the drama

desert ss4.jpg


clouds crowded thither – a mob of fanatic followers there
stifling those jubilant red yellow orange afar
for a crepuscular splendor magical

wind’s scripts tiptoed sinuously …
weaving a layered ornamentation
for coppered robe earth wore this side


sun stood still, innocently still
earth spinned a rhythmic soft sufi there
on its relentless serene voyage


occasional winds whizzed in
spattering coppery sands amorously ….

I sat there on the ornated mound
drenched in bronzen shimmer, inhaling desert sands
as she gently pulled the blanket over

desert ss 6.jpg





There was a time when silence deafened my ears – that was in childhood – I was so seasoned to sounds of city traffic that its absence triggered disillusionment and deafness for a short span. It happened every time I reached my Grandmom’s home for summer vacations. Her home was in the interiors of a village blanketed by tall areca palms, coconuts, scented jack, nutmeg and sumptuous mango trees. It looked as if earthy maiden sprawled herself leisurely and reclined quietly for an unending siesta there! There was nothing but silence, voiceless winds, noiseless rustles, less talkative birds and homes that stood forlornly solitary and far apart ….and then I longed to go back to the city!

We visited Sharqiah sands in Oman recently for night stay there. It’s a desert that’s quite old by age – probably one amidst a very few places on earth much less abused by humankind! The sands looked untainted, free and quiet. There was nothing but serenity and silence everywhere. There was stillness, there was life ….. and I sank in the freedom there!

I realize I love silence more now….sounds and soundlessness of nature make me more comfortable these days!

This is one hike up and down I ventured without me bothering anxiety or anxiety bothering me! I felt safe somehow – desert sands will never desert me – she lies there arms stretched far and wide to hold me in fold if I slip, carefully, as best as a mother could!


It’s probably the sea that sands were once part of that made them free and move rhythmically calm!

I left behind giant footsteps…to be covered soon leaving no trace!

Lives many there are – desert it may be but never undeserted!

silence gathered around
summoned by the desert
I sat there …. amidst the sea of sands
on the ornated mound

inhaling silence
engulfing serenity
game to be carried as wind fancies
sands moved
cuddling and caressing the sands beneath
soaring a wee above 
for a soft sufi spin there
for the joy of freedom
for the joy of life
all to become one with the sands beneath!

To be the desert – to be untaut, to be unbound, to let the winds play tunes, play patterns, to be vast, to be open, to just be!

A wanderer’s beach pondering….

This has been in my Evernote for a few days now…. drafted during our drive from beach. It was not a weekend trip but an in between one to Al Sawadi beach.

Beach looked deserted being a week day – may be its the Ramadan fasting and warm weather that kept everyone home.

I stood watching shells that were strewn generously on sands – shells and conchs of sizes many, shapes many and shades many that spoke of lives lived and still living in waters -sea seemed to be brimming with life!

You never feel alone amidst nature! Loneliness may be an excuse… solitude is different -you revel and revive in it! 

its not the sands that tickle your feet all the time – shells do it intermittently…..almost everywhere!  

At Sawadi sands, I get tempted to pocket a few shells every time!

sands at Sawadi are darker in shade…shells shine sharply here!


waves churned with unbounded joy
liken a bundle of school kids let loose
bathed and garbed in new found happiness
frivolous, joyous, immensely happy
they raced, they chased, mirthfully bashing one another
falling frailly – giggling rapturously
never wanting to end the fun
they turned aback
to relive it all – all over again!

Sea was relatively calmer last time. May be seas too are prone to mood swings. They need winds to bubble up. They have their high and low tides too – gravity, sun and moon playing their roles perfectly they say!

What am I but elements with 60% water inside and isn’t it quite natural that I too am prone to high and low tides surging and falling within?


All images were clicked at Al Sawadi beach, Oman

the bronzen treats

setting beams
of the simmering fireball
spilled silky tenderness
on subjects all –
I bathed in the
gleaming satiny radiance!

bed may be a thin rim of rusted iron, matters what?  certainly a soothing beamy spa in progress …..or is this catzy heliotherapy?

surging beams
of dawning sun
stretched arms serenely

scattering shimmering lustre most gently
and I basked in the
radiating bronzy glow!

DSCN3204-7That’s the beauty of setting sun. He can blacken you out from behind. To get a silhouette or a soft bronzian glow – all depends on where you place your lens – either way it’s just beautiful! 

“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting” (– Ralph Waldo Emerson) 

a mind & its windy affair!

‘Mind’ – this word grabbed my attention when I wanted to write about winds – I wasn’t looking for it… but noticed it everywhere and heard it in conversations – contexts different, intents different – but the word remained!

When I was a child I used to think mind was in heart(the innocent idiocies of childhood)! That was well before my exposure to hypocrisies and vanities of life. Learnt later heart has nothing to do with mind! Good for me… ….my heart! …. still wonder why people often villainize their heart and take it to gallows for mind’s caprices!!

Curiosity, the still surviving innocence within made me google ‘mind’.

1. the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought”
2. a person’s intellect.
1. be distressed, annoyed, or worried by.
2. regard as important; feel concern about.

Researches and journals had pages many on mind’s workings and google listed them in screens many! …….but..location of mind?…. still remained a mystery! …..!!….. Mind is not confined to brain nor to consciousness! ….. Well …. it becomes difficult to comprehend – once you step on realms other than real, conscious and concrete! May be its better to leave it all to mind  …….to know more…to explore! 

Now that leaves me to continue with what I wanted to share here – wind!

Wind has been constantly hollering, howling and ‘hae’ing around window frames and A/C interstices for the last few days and its amplifying rumble has been increasingly intriguing and distracting. 

Desert winds are charmers and they can be heedlessly noisy when they want to – may be because they don’t have trees to converse and share! When they get intermittently gutsy they keep howling through window slits and gaps nonchalantly demanding entry.

These winds can raise columns of dust off the arid land creating dust ghosts of sizes many and forms varied – a bizarre performance that may last a few seconds to minutes.

They are unlike dust storms or sandstorms that last for minutes longer blinding the entire space with smokes of dust or sand.

On a windy day, from my window I can see the elemental dance of dry grass and diffident sway of dry land bushes in tune with wind’s blowing beats. As I wonder how those tiny feathery birdies manage to anchor their tender bodies against gushing winds, a sparrow flutters its wings and regains balance in a jiffy most softly. So does the bee-eater!

In India, have soaked pleasurably in the pleasing cool breeze that caressed and cuddled coastal parts of northern Chennai, post lunch, all through the year – more in summer. Have happily inhaled calm and cool air of Kochi streets post sunset. Wind in Oman is warmer both day and night between May-October and this makes it less friendly… but plainly its hard to find more friendlier weather in the Persian Gulf!

at sea
receding waters hurriedly sewed

scaly fringes on shore’s hems  –
water’s autograph endorsing its windy affair!


patterns diverse on drifting sands
never satisfied with design last sketched
wind’s desert whims are they!


hide and seek on mountain ranges  
the haphazard game that winds played 
carving sculptures of sizes several
stories intrinsic in volumes myriad!


Winds can be calm, breezy, noisy, stormy, ravenous and so are our minds! It is by happenstance that ‘mind’ caught my attention when I all wanted to write was wind – Wind and Mind – the invisible unbounded wanderers of spaces hither definitely possessing raging skills to create wonders and havoc! 


The above images and video were clicked and recorded in the Sultanate of Oman

The tryst before twilight

as winds whispered tenderly
timidly the waters rushed 
puffed with mirth and froth
as child to mom
pumped agog with pocketed joy


rumbling waters tumbled gigglingly
avidly splashing briny spumes
emblazoning the sanded shores
with fringes of designs many
charmed by winds whims

hued by setting glaze


Seas never failed to allure me – the more so at sunset! It is the immensity, the enormity that initially triggers a sense of pride..a sense of elation – know not why so – in deserts I get a similar feeling mixed with a sense of insignificance followed by nothingness!

Air smells heavy with salt, but I feel light! The waters seem playful all the time ….  receding waters cuddled the salted sands and my heart bubbled in joy  ……. the settling roar, splashing foams, the borderless concreteless open space, hued horizon that never seem too far away …..they all fill my senses with the most sensible ‘abracadabra’ which hushes away all burdening thoughts ….. filling me with nothingness in abundance!  

I wonder why am I so obsessed with sunsets at seas and photographing them! May be because they satisfy all my seven senses most aptly! May be because they numb my common sense more perfectly! May be because they provide the untrappable escape route!



Images clicked @ Kerala, India & Alswadi Beach, Sultanate of Oman

Miles to tread, Heights to mount

Wadi Shab, Sultanate of Oman

Tall mountains invited with arms wide open. Palm trees at the entrance, tall yet puny, planted with care here and there added a twist of pride .. a dash of warmth! Mountains adorned richly by natural carvings spoke of the craving stories whispered by winds. Skies above wore shades of blue and stood unblemished, unornated! Waters below wore the color of turquoise, inviting, ever enticing yet intimidating! The journey looked long and luring and I moved ahead.. past the gravel-strewn path at the entryway and further ahead tickled by the tricky play of desert sands beneath!



 Mountains Tall, Waters Fresh

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Tall mountains, deep ravines, pristine stream flowing in between,
the twinkling clear water inviting a deep plunge,
Carved rocky alleys, caved hide outs and the tempting desire paths,
warm sun and the wandering shadows…
endearing bright light and the engulfing darkness…
the vastness, the hugeness, the calmness…
cannot express enough the ecstasy, the euphoria
standing juxtaposed to everything huge, everything unique!

Pics clicked @ Wadi Shab, September 2015